In the study "Perioperative Normothermia to Reduce the Incidence of Surgical Wound Infection and Shorten Hospitalization" NEJM (Kurz et al),
  • 18 out of 96 hypothermic patients (19%) had Surgical Site Infections
  • 6 out of 104 normothermic patients (6%) had Surgical Site Infections
SSIs account for approximately 40% of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) among Surgical Patients1

SSIs account for as much as 16% of all Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)1

Hospitals participating in the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) are currently evaluating the benefits of Thermoflect in reducing the negative consequences of hypothermia in surgical patients. SCIP is a national partnership of organizations focused on improving surgical care by significantly reducing surgical complications.

1. Infection Control Today, March 2003. HAIs and SSIs: National Initiatives Aim to Control These Killers, by Kelly M. Pyrek